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Freight Policy

Shipping conditions and pricing for 2024

Our shipping methods


Our logistics department provides the best solutions to ensure your orders reach you in optimal condition. We select the most appropriate shipping methods and packaging suited to the products we ship to you.


Delivery Fees

Our Delivery Fees are revised yearly and include fees for shipping, handling and packaging. We include these fees in all our quotations and order confirmations.


Please note that our Delivery Fees are not subject to reductions or rebate. We reserve the right to change these fees during the year, should we consider it necessary.

Unless otherwise expressly specified through written agreement, the fees indicated below apply.


Orders over € 650 are shipped free of charge.

For orders under € 650, shipping costs of  € 28 will be applied.
Dry ice : € 48 (applicable for all dry-ice shipments regardless of order amount).

Shipping costs : £34 / € 38 (applicable for all orders)
Dry ice : £38 / €48 (applicable for all dry-ice shipments).

Shipping costs : € 74 (applicable for all orders)

Dry ice : € 38 (applicable for all dry-ice shipments).

Orders over 4874 DKK are shipped free of charge

For orders under 4874 DKK, shipping costs of 220 DKK will be applied.
Dry Ice: 360 DKK (applicable for all dry-ice shipments).

Orders over 7150 SEK are shipped free of charge

For orders under 7150 SEK, shipping costs of 315 SEK will be applied.
Dry Ice: 530 SEK (applicable for all dry-ice shipments; certain restrictions may apply)

Shipping costs: 565 NOK (applicable for all orders)
Dry Ice: 640 NOK (applicable for all dry-ice shipments).

Special shipping requirements

Shipments may require Liquid Nitrogen containers, biohazardous handling, or any other specific shipping methods or containers. In such cases, specific fees will be applied. We will always inform you of any specific fee prior to shipment.


Feel free to Contact your local Tebubio office for full details, we'll be pleased to provide you with a personalised quotation for such deliveries.