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Customer Service: +39 2 97 29 50 10

Customer Service Policy

Orders, deliveries, technical support, guarantees & returns

Order processing and tracking informationUpon order receipt, an order confirmation is sent to the customer to ensure all their requirements are taken into consideration. The estimated delivery date is indicated on the order confirmation.


As part of our ISO14001 efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, products on an order which are shipped under the same conditions are grouped into a single delivery wherever possible and unless otherwise specified. Parcels are shipped at the most appropriate time to ensure optimal delivery and to avoid any potential delays over weekends or holidays.


If there is any change to the initial estimated delivery date, the customer is informed. The details of a dedicated contact person within Tebubio are indicated. This person can be contacted directly by phone or email to address any enquiries related to the order in question, or for any other matter.


Unavailable products


In the event of a product being discontinued by the manufacturer, we endeavor to find and suggest suitable alternatives within our portfolio.


Delivery and shipping conditions

We ship our products in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, in appropriate packaging conditions.


Shipments may be:

-    at room temperature;
-    on cool packs (frozen gel pouches);
-    on dry ice; or
-    in liquid nitrogen shippers. 


Shipment conditions may differ from those required for long-term storage. The customer is responsible for checking the accompanying datasheet or labels and for ensuring products are stored under the recommended conditions. 


Delivery Fees

We revise our Delivery Fees yearly in our Freight Policy.


Technical support

Tebubio provides local technical support to all customers, in English and in local languages whenever possible 
(French, German, Spanish...). Scientists at PhD level with several years of lab experience address technical 
questions in collaboration with manufacturers of products.

Every effort is made to address technical questions quickly (first answer within 24 hours) and to understand the
root of a technical query or incident in order to determine the best solution suited to the customer.

Guarantee and Returns policy

All products supplied by Tebubio are validated for their applications. When used according to their protocols, 
products are guaranteed for 6 months or up to their use-by date when shorter. 

Any product that doesn’t meet the standard of satisfactory quality will be replaced or refunded. As previously 
stated, our technical support team works with the customer to determine the most appropriate line of action
depending on the customer’s needs.

We may organize the return of faulty products back to our premises to perform further tests or to destroy them as 

Specific conditions are applicable for each service performed by our laboratory, as determined in the 
accompanying documentation provided prior to validation of the project.