Primary cells: ready-to-use, QC tested media

In a previous post, I introduced a complete panel of ready-to-use specialized media for smooth muscle primary cells culture. Produced by Cell Applications, a GMP certified manufacturer of primary cells distributed by tebu-bio in Europe, these media were originally designed for Cell Applications own primary cells culture. However, many researchers isolating their own cells are using them to benefit from the expertise of a primary cell manufacturer and to use thoroughly QC tested media. Here, I invite you to look at a new selection for popular primary cell types, from skeletal muscle cells to synoviocytes, endothelial cells to pre-adipocytes. Have a read and find the one you need!

Primary human skeletal muscle cells (HSkMC) media selection

HSkMC provide a useful model system to study many aspects of muscular function and disease. Skeletal Muscle Cells also play an instrumental role in the glucose metabolism and diabetes. See full media selection below for optimal culture:

  • HSkMC Basal Medium: medium lacking growth supplements. Selected to control timing & amount of supplements added in order to make complete growth or culture medium. With a shelf life of 1 year, it is best suited if you anticipate long storage periods between experiments.
  • HSkMC Growth Medium: all-in-one, ready-to-use media containing pre-added growth supplements optimized to the unique needs of skeletal muscle cells. Induces robust cell growth and proliferation. No mixing is needed, you will select this medium for general cell growth. Shelf life is typically 6 months.
  • HSkMC Growth Medium Kit: basal medium & growth supplement packaged separately
  • HSkMC Growth Supplement: added to basal medium to create growth medium
  • HsKMC Differentiation Medium: used to allow for more specialized cell functions and forms

Primary Human Synoviocytes media selection

Human Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes (HFLS) provide an excellent cellular model for studying the normal and pathological physiology of synoviocytes and development of joint diseases. See optimized media below:

Endothelial cells media

You can choose from a selection of 63 ready-to-use media for human and animal endothelial cells, dermal microsvascular or coronary artery cells, from rat or bovine brain, all endothelial cells… Just use the search engine below to easily select the one you need by species and media format:

Preadipocytes culture and differentiation

As a provider of high quality cryopreserved pre-adipocytes, zen-bio have also developed a range of specially formulated and optimized media for an optimal pre-adipocyte differentiation and culture.

  • Subcutaneous preadipocytes cryopreservation medium: used for long-term cryopreservation of subcutaneous preadipocytes. This medium has been specifically formulated for optimized recovery of human preadipocytes after thawing
  • Subcutaneous preadipocyte medium: ready-to-use upon arrival, the medium is used to plate preadipocytes prior to differentiation and contains growth factors necessary for expansion of subcutaneous preadipocytes. Also available without Phenol Red (PRF) and Serum Free (SR).
  • Subcutaneous preadipocyte differentiation medium: to differentiate subcutaneous preadipocytes to mature adipocytes in culture, ready-to-use upon arrival.
  • Subcutaneous adipocyte medium: used as maintenance medium after differentiation and contains all factors necessary to support lipid accumulation in maturing adipocytes. Maintenance Medium available in multiple formulation to match your specific needs.
  • Subcutaneous basal medium: serum-free, contains essential additives to maintain subcutaneous cells for up to 3 days. It can be supplemented for specific research purposes.

If you don’t have time to loose with preadipocyte differentiation, don’t hesitate to contact our laboratory who can perform this steps for you. Benefit from our expertise in cell culture and receive your adipocytes already differentiated and ready-to-use for your experiments.

Human Sebocytes culturing media

Adult normal Sebocytes Primary cells are a vital research tool for a variety of applications from acne, seborrhoea and other sebaceous gland-related diseases studies in skin biology/cosmetic programs. Zen- Bio have also developped a culturing media for an optimal culturing of your sebocytes in-vitro.


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