How to obtain reliable DNA and RNA quantitation

The iQuant kits developped by ABP Bioprobes provide accurate quantitation of DNA and RNA with a wide range including high sensitivity. They are useful for NGS applications, qPCR analysis, and in vitro transcription to produce RNA.

Fluorescent-based quantitation

Fluorescence-based DNA and RNA quantitation using the iQuant kits is highly sensitive. It is also specific for DNA or RNA providing more accurate concentration in the presence of common contaminants, including free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts.

Dedicated iQuant assay kits

iQuant HS dsDNA quantitation kits provides high sensitivity measurement of the the double stranded DNA concentration. The range is 10 pg/µL – 100 ng/µL. It is very useful for subcloning, PCR product and viral DNA.

simple workflow to quantify dsDNA
Workflow of the iQuant dsDNA assays kit

iQuant NGS-HS is the version for next generation sequencing with the same range. The iQuant™ NGS version is a specially formulated reagent. In this reagent, the dye and buffer are pre-mixed and thus ready-to-use. It is more fitted to high throughput testing.

NGS iQuant workflow
Workflow of the NGS version of the iQuant ds DNA kit

iQuant BR dsDNA quantitation kit has a braod range 100 pg/µL – 1,000 ng/µL. It is for miniprep of DNA and genomic quantitation.

iQuant ssDNA with a range 20 pg/µL – 200 ng/µL is dedicated to quantitation of oligo, primers and denatured DNA

iQuant kits were also developped for RNA quantitation that is useful for samples of microarrays, RT-PCR and sequencing. There are 2 kits:

Excellent selectivity and sensitivity

iQuant DNA assay kits quantify DNA with excellent selectivity, and sensitivity even in the presence of RNA.

Selective Quantitation of DNA with iQuant DNA assay kit

The figure above shows the DNA concentration measured with iQuant DNA kit on 3 samples: DNA only in blue, DNA+RNA in green and RNA only in red.

More accuracy

The fluorescent-based quantitation of the DNA with iQuant is more accurate than with Nanodrop.

Accuracy of the DNA concentration measurement compared to Nanodrop

iQuant is compatible with fluorescence plate reader, or a fluorometer such as Qubit®.

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