Pluripotency tests with validated antibodies

I’d like to share with you some input given to me by my colleagues working daily with researchers involved in Stem cell research. They regularly report positive feedback about antibodies used for pluripotency tests.

Which are the most popular antibodies made for Stem cell and iPSC research, validated by Life Scientists? Well, here you’ll find a compilation of the most cited markers and corresponding antibodies.

All the antibodies listed below are “failsafe” in the sense that they are validated for their respective applications. A much appreciated guarantee nowadays!

Antibodies against the main Pluripotency Surface Markers

  • SSEA-1 StainAlive™ Antibody DyLight™ 488-conjugated [clone MC-480] (Mouse IgM, anti-Mouse/Human) for ICC/IF
  • SSEA-3 StemGent Antibody PE-conjugated [clone MC-631] (Rat IgM, anti-Human) for FCM
  • SSEA-4 Stemgent Antibody [clone MC-813-70] (Mouse IgG3, anti-Human) for ICC/IF & FCM
  • SSEA-4 StainAlive™ Antibody DyLight™ 550-conjugated [clone MC-813-70] (Mouse IgG3, anti-Human) for FCM
  • TRA-1-60 StemGent  Antibody [clone TRA-1-60] (Mouse IgM, anti-Human) for ICC/IF & FCM
  • TRA-1-81 StemGent  Antibody [Clone TRA-1-81] (Mouse IgM, anti-Human) for ICC/IF & FCM

Additional pluripotency biomarker antibodies

  • CD9 Genetex Antibody [clone MEM-61] (Mouse IgG1, anti-Human) for FCM & IP-WB
  • E-Cadherin Genetex Antibody (Rabbit polyclonal, anti-Human) for ICC/IF. IHC(p) & WB
  • CD49f /a6 Integrin Genetex Antibody [clone NKI-GoH3] (Rat IgG2a , anti-Human/Mouse) for FCM, IHC(f) & IP
  • Pax6 StemGent Antibody (Rabbit IgG Polyclonal, anti-Mouse/Human) for ICC
  • SSEA-5 Genetex Antibody [clone 8e 11] (Mouse IgG, anti-Human) for FCM &ICC/IF
  • TERT Rockland Antibody (Rabbit polyclonal, anti-Human) for ELISA, ICC/IF & IP-WB

Unconjugated or labelled antibodies raised against Pluripotency Surface Markers to enable removal of teratoma-forming cells: CD9, CD30, CD50, CD90 and CD200

iPS cell factor research antibodies

  • c-Myc Genetex Antibody (Rabbit IgG Polyclonal, anti-Mouse/Human) for FACS, ICC/IF & WB
  • Oct4 Stemgent Antibody (Rabbit IgG Purified Polyclonal, anti-Mouse/Human) for ICC/IF & FCM
  • Klf4 Stemgent Antibody [clone, 56CT5.1.6] (Purified Mouse IgG1, anti-Mouse/Human) for ICC/IF
  • Lin28A Genetex Antibody [EPR4640] (Purified Rabbit monoclonal, anti-Human) for FCM, ICC/IF, IHC(p) & IP-WB
  • Nanog Abnova Antibody (Goat Polyclonal, anti-Human) for ELISA, IF, WB
  • Sox2 Stemgent Antibody (Rabbit IgG Polyclonal, anti-Mouse/Human) for ICC/IF & FCM

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iPSC Antibody Panel Kit (25µl samples of Antibodies gathered in one single kit compatible with FACS, ICC/IF, IHC, and WB applications):

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What about you?

It’s no secret, the most popular Stem cell antibodies are the most characterized ones, whatever the source!
I hope these references will help you to choose the most appropriate antibodies for your pluripotency and iPSC tests.

So, which pluripotency cell markers are you monitoring or planning to analyse?


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