5 most popular Cell Sourcing blog posts in 2014!

Today, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the 5 blogs that saw the most visits on our blog in 2014, in the field of Cell Sourcing & Cell Culture.

blood cells#1 – 6 good reasons (in short!) to use our blood derived cells!

At the end of 2014, we signed a distribution agreement with HemaCare, a world-leader of blood-derived cells. We took a look at just a few of the many benefits for European researchers.


FribrOut - prevent overgrowth of fibroblastic and contaminated cells

#2 – How to get rid of fibroblastic and contaminating cells?

Very often primary cell cultures are jeopardized by the outgrowth of contaminating fibroblasts.  The population of the target primary cells is directly affected, since fibroblasts usually grow at much faster rates than other cell types. So what are the solutions? Just read this blog!


tebu-bio primary cell sourcing Human Primary Sebocytes Zenbio#3 – Primary cell sourcing: Cryopreserved Human Adult Sebocytes

Sebocytes are emerging cellular models to study skin biology but also to design new compounds to regulate acne, seborrhoea and other sebaceous gland-related diseases. Easy access to cryopreserved and well-qualified sources of Human Adult Sebocytes will boost skin research and compound testing projects.


Cardiomyocytes grown on the surface of HyStem with fibronectin#4 – Tips for Optimizing Cell Culture Conditions with Hydrogels

In order to engineer a custom culture system with HyStem, simple pilot studies or optimization assays can be tested to determine the appropriate parameters for each experiment. Tips and guidelines for optimizing basic variables that can have a significant impact on the hydrogel properties and overall cell culture conditions are covered in this blog.


OptiTDS - OptiTDS™, is a mixture of tissue dissociation enzymes/reagents #5 – Struggling with tissue dissociation?

Successful culture of primary cells requires obtaining a maximum yield of functionally viable single cells from whole tissues… but this is easier to say than to achieve! Here are some solutions!

Stay tuned in 2015 for more topics, not only in the field of Cell Sourcing and Cell Culture, but many others! 



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