New Lung Cancer Autoantibody Protein Arrays

protein array

Once again, a new product is launched this week for cancer researchers:  RayBio® Cancer Autoantibody Protein Arrays. These arrays are semi-quantitative multiplex protein immunoassays developed for the detection of Cancer related autoantibodies. 

Lung Cancer IgG Autoantibody Array G1
Source: Raybiotech

The principle is very simple: recombinant proteins are spotted onto a solid glass slide surface, and then probed for the presence of serum specific antibodies to these targets. These detection kits can then be applied in screening specific autoantibodies based on IgA or IgG levels present in patient serum samples.

After these general features, let’s look at the products!

Two arrays are available, each array comes in an 8 sample kit or 16 sample kit format.

Not enough time to use these kits yourself?

tebu-bio: European RaybioTech's Certified Laboratory service providerThink about outsourcing: these products are available as ready-to-use kits or lab services. To ensure top quality in the data obtained, RayBiotech’s service providers successfully complete training and certification programs to receive the “RayBiotech Certified Array Service Providers” award. In Europe, tebu-bio laboratories (France) were among the first laboratories in the world to be certified by Raybiotech in 2012.

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