CleanCap technology – the new era for mRNA capping has come

Capping is a required protection in 5′ of the mRNA that is necessary for biological activity and stability into the cells. There are already several methods of capping using mCap, ARCA or enzymatic methods. Unfortunately, they are limited in efficiency (such as mCap and ARCA), and can be costly (such as the enzymatic methods). Trilink Biotechnologies, the modified nucleic acid experts, have developped a new, far more efficient technology called CleanCap available in Europe via tebu-bio.

The CleanCap technology provides natural CAP1 structure with high capping efficiency.  Capping efficiencies greated than 98% have been observed, which is far better than ARCA methods as described in the figure just below.

Capping of mRNA using CleanCap or ARCA
Capping of mRNA using the CleanCap technology vs. ARCA

The CleanCap system is very convenient since it is simple to use the CleanCap reagents with wild-type T7 polymerase. The only specific technical point, is that each CleanCap reagent is to be used with a specific initiating sequence (as mentionned in the datasheet).

Note: Capping Cap-2 will be available soon. Feel free to contact me about it and for other modifications.

Indeed, CleanCap is a chemist’s solution with many advantages forresearch applications.

  • The high capping efficiencies result in more active mRNA
  • The natural Cap1 structure improves the translation over the Cap 0 obtained with ARCA
  • The simple method of CleanCap avoids the several purifications steps of the enzymatic enzymatic method

Taking together, the resulting CleanCap mRNA is more active and more stable as shown just below with our CleanCap eGFP mRNA (pictures are courtesy of Beniag).

More active eGFP with CleanCap vs ARCA
eGFP activity maintained over 14 days with a single CleanCap mRNA transfection into iPS derived cardiomyocytes

CleanCap technology for peace of mind

We provide ready-to-use CleanCap mRNA as catalog products. This covers several applications and projects such as gene editing, reporter gene for mRNA delivery optimisation, gene replacement for therapeutic perspectives and vaccinations (NAV, Nucleic Acid-based Vaccines). So Biologists do not need to produce the mRNA themselves and can easily and quickly receive the active mRNA.

For any other mRNA not listed, please contact me and I’ll be pleased to help you find what you’re looking for.


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