Bioactive small molecule sourcing – when quality meets expectations

Bioactive small molecules facilitate numerous types of Life Science research approaches (enzyme substrates, activators and inhibitors, cell signaling modulator, cell culture…). Accessing reasonably priced, well-characterized molecules without jeopardizing quality and purety is sometimes quite challenging.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Focus Biomolecules, a very attractive and professional source of chemical compounds for your daily experiments.High Throughput Screening

Focus Biomolecules was started by former BIOMOL scientists (with Sarai and Jeff) who were keen to build a customer-oriented small molecule-based life sciences company. With more than 20 years of experience in Biological research, their philosophy is simple: “bring research and technical service back to the forefront, along with cutting edge and high quality small molecules”. For them, the “price is everything” business model (that has “left the customer and end-user standing by the wayside”) is definitely over.

For all these reasons, I really believe that Focus Biomolecules should be your favourite small molecules source!

Highly characterized bioactive small molecules catalogue

A large and constantly expanding portfolio of pure reagents. A few examples:

CHIR-99021 - a GSK3ß inhibitor from Focus Biomolecules tebu-bio (10-1279-1)
CHIR-99021 structure (10-1279-1)
    • CHIR-99021 – a kinase inhibitor used in stem cell culture applications.
    • Rapamycin – a mTOR inhibitor and immunomodulator.
    • Lactacystin – a proteasome inhibitor.
    • Necrostatin – a kinase inhibitor and inhibitor of necroptosis.
    • 4,9-AnhydroTTX – a sodium channel blocker used in pain research

Recent releases:

    • WP-1130 – a DUB inhibitor , an important new tool in cancer research

      AdipoRon structure - an Adiponection agonist by Focus Biomolecules tebu-bio (10-1483-5)
      AdipoRon structure (10-1483-5)
    • AdipoRon – A novel potent and selective adiponectin (AdipoR1 and AdipoR2) receptor agonist

Custom organic and chemical Library Synthesis

Synthetic capability for custom synthesis is certainly a key point here, but according to Focus Biomolecules’ staff, “communication, service and honesty” are important as well.

Such a researcher-centric approach is one of their strongest points together with fair pricing, regular and personalized updates throughout the synthetic process; synthesis and QC being 100% under their control.

For researchers needing chemicals in their library which are not commercially available, Focus Biomolecules have the experience to design, synthetize or source custom designed libraries in various fields (kinase and phosphatase inhibitors, Wnt pathway modulators, Immunomodulators, drug libraries, stem cell modulators…).

Interestingly, both Focus Biomolecules’ bioactive small molecule catalogue and custom productions are available in Europe through tebu-bio.

And you… which compounds are you looking for?

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