Align your cells with nanoscale topography cell cultureware

NanoSurface Biomedical’s ANFS (Anisotropically NanoFabricated Substratum) technology brings an in vivo-like cell culture platform to researchers for in vitro cell/tissue studies.Align your cells - NanoSurface Biomedical at tebu-bio

Featuring topographical resemblance to the extracellular matrix, these nanopatterned substrates provide a topographical and mechanical niche for cells to grow as if they are in vivo.

The nanopatterned surfaces influence both cellular morphology and phenotype.

For example, when used with cardiomyocytes, one can observe formation of striated sarcomeres, intercalated discs, and polarized expression of gap junction proteins such as Connexin 43 (Cx43).

Phenotypically, cells cultured on ANFS are more mature, and more physiological, so that your studies are more predictive.

Nanopatterns imitate the native cellular environment



NanoSurface dishes promote the in vivo-like maturation and alignment of many cell types!


Align your cells

ANFS specifications

  • Nanopattern with 800 nm 1:1 ridge to groove spacing
  • Soft-substrate modulus in range if muscle tissue
  • Non-cytotoxic PUA
  • Plasma treated to promote hydrophilicity
  • Gamma sterilized

ANFS specifications


Find more product information and pricing for European Scientists here.

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