ADME in vitro systems: a source for the extraordinary

Xenotech subcellular fractions at tebu-bio

As ADME in vitro models are not just about human, mouse or rat hepatocytes and liver cell fractions, it’s important to have access to readily available sourcing for more seldom used models or tissues. Sekisui Xenotech can easily meet these demands with their Custom Products Division who has extensive experience preparing hepatocytes, subcellular fractions and other cells from a wide variety of species and tissue. The project can be fully customized for your particular needs, with the species, organ and characterization of your choice. Alternatively, you can benefit from the surplus list from previous extractions at competitive pricing and short time frame. I tell you a bit more about the 2 options in this post, and give you direct access to the current surplus inventory list. You may find what you are looking for in there!

Sekisui Xenotech expertise and unique cell preparation procedures allows to get the most out of each and every tissue. Their custom cell preparations vary in time to completion due to a number of factors including how long it takes to receive the specific tissue and the number of characterization assays requested (on average, a 4 week lead time for production).

Choose from our Custom Surplus inventory

If you cannot wait that long, or if your budget is limited, there is another alternative. As Sekisui XenoTech processes donor tissue every day, as a result, they often have surplus inventory of products remaining from custom cell preparations. These projects are often related to fractions requests for species or organs out of the ordinary. I thought you might like to have a look at what is available. Just download the current list to do so. If there is anything of interest to you in it, feel free to contact me to reserve it.

Go for a Fully customized project

If you have not found the right product for your project, or if you need fully characterized fractions, full custom in vitro systems can be prepared based on your specific requirements. Below is a sampling of the species and tissue we’ve worked with in the past.

Surplus list or full customized project, you see that anything may be possible to source your “exotic” ADME model. If you would like additional information, I’ll be happy to discuss your project with you. Just leave me a comment in this post or contact me directly by email.


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