5 Cytoskeletal Modeling Molecules

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Cytoskeleton modeling molecules are relevant when trying to improve one’s understanding of cytoskeletal molecular modeling and associated mechanisms. Together with actin binding proteins, tubulin-based assays, small GTPase activation assays etc… these reagents are called small molecules, but they remain extremely potent in in vitro cell-based assays. Here, let’s take look at a selection of the most popular chemicals modifying actin or microtubule polymerization.

#1- Docetaxel

An antimitotic chemotherapeutic acting on the centrosome of the mitotic spindle via reversible high-affinity binding to microtubules. Docetaxel induces apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell lines.

#2- Epothilone B

A tubulin polymerization promoter inducing G2-M cell cycle arrest stabilizing microtubules and displaying potent cytotoxic activity in a variety of cell lines and mouse models.

#3- Latrunculins

Potent actin polymerization inhibitor disrupting microfilament organization.

#4- Nocodazole

A microtubule polymerization inhibitor used to induce mitotic arrest and cell synchronization. Nocodazol inhibits a number of cancer-related kinases including ABL, c-Kit, BRAF, MEK1, MEK2, and MET.

#5- Taxol

A chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of breast, non-small cell lung and ovarian cancer. Taxol promotes tubulin polymerization, stabilizes microtubules in vitro and in vivo resulting in arrest of cells in the G2 and M phase of the cell cycle.

Many other well-qualified cytoskeleton modulators (Ansamitocin P-3, Cytochalasins, Colchicine, Vinblastine sulfate…) are available from various sources (my preference going to Focus Biomolecules for quality and price advantages!). Nevertheless, the 5 described here are among those most spontaneously cited by researchers.

What about you? Which ones would you recommend to study cytoskeleton dynamics?



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