PKmito - new mitochondrial probes by Spirochrome

Special introductory offer – 50% discount

For the first time, access these wonderful probes, specific to mitochondria, and move your research in imagery forward. PKmito™ probes have been developed and published by the lab of Zhixing Chen from Peking University1,2..

PKmito ORANGE (also known as PKMO) is a unique fluorescent probe for live cell mitochondria imaging.

Very low phototoxicity – Allows you to record timelapse STED movies (ca 20 frames) without damaging or changing the mitochondria morphology.

Super-resolution microscope compatibile
Can be used for widefield, confocal or STED imaging in living cells and tissue.

Very specific –  PKmito ORANGE is the ideal STED probe for mitochondria, staining the inner membrane and therefore revealing mitochondrial cristae (sub diffraction structures impossible to see with conventional microscopes). 

Multicolor imaging – Compatible with the popular SIR & SPY probes.

Very low cytotoxicity
Super resolution microscopy
Very specific

Offer valid up to March 31st, 2023 – mention promo code promo code “PKmito50”on your order to benefit from this discount.

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