Would you like to be free of the time-consuming constraints linked to delivery vehicle development, due to poor solubility of your molecule, toxicity, poor intracellular delivery, or any other technical hold-backs?

Lipid Nanoemulsion system

Specifically designed to associate small molecules, peptides and proteins, DIVERSA kits are new ready-to-go solutions to quickly evaluate if your molecule has the desired therapeutic effect at the desired site of action.

  • Easy to use – Few-step protocol to associate your molecule
  • Non-cationic molecule – No need to consider physical characteristics of the molecule
    pI, MW for proteins and peptides or hydrophobicity for the small Molecules
  • Stable – In different biological fluids, sera and cell culture media
    No need for organic solvents
  • Non-toxic and biocompatible – Different cell types and in vivo models
  • Scalable – From lab-scale to GMP production

Easily track the delivery of your molecule of interest, with the fluorescent version of DIVERSA’s Lipid Nanoemulsion.

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Small Molecule

Enhanced intracellular delivery of small molecules

Small Molecule

Track intracellular delivery of small molecules


Enhanced intracellular delivery of various proteins


Track intracellular delivery of a various proteins

Anionic proteins and peptides

Enhanced intracellular delivery of anionic proteins/peptides

Anionic proteins and peptides

Track intracellular delivery of anionic proteins/peptides

Delivery and effective cell internalization

Fluo-labelled lipid nanoemulsions for tracking effective cell internalization


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