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Tebubio - Who are we - Meet the Team


Who are we?

Facilitators of Life Sciences Research

Our vision of helping to advance Life Sciences research every day, is embodied by providing a unique, holistic range of solutions to make your life easier, simply and quickly accessible. Concentrate on what’s most important for you, we understand and answer your needs, at all levels and stages of your work.

Rising to your challenges with you

The full scope of your needs is at the center of our attention. Our experts provide reliable, multimodal solutions, encompassing our extensive range of products, in-house laboratory platforms, and our practical administrative and logistics services. You’ll find the right combination of answers to accelerate your daily work, in one place.

Donald van Dijk - General Manager - Tebubio

Donald van Dijk

Chief Executive Officer

Jean-François Têtu - Sales and Marketing Manager - Tebubio

Jean-François Têtu

Chief Commercial Officer

Séverine Ranc - Chief Marketing Officer at Tebubio

Séverine Ranc

Chief Marketing Officer

Tebubio - Romain Goulay - Customer Success Team Manager

Romain Goulay

Chief Scientific Officer

Baptiste van Dijk - Chief Operations Officer

Baptiste van Dijk

Chief Operating Officer

Tebubio - Nathalie Alland - Finance Manager

Nathalie Alland

Chief Financial Officer

Julien Gaboriau - IT Manager.jpg

Julien Gaboriau

Chief Information Officer

Emilie Torne.jpg

Emilie Torne

HR Director - Human Ressources

Tebubio - Jonathan Chetrit - Sales Manager France.

Jonathan Chétrit

Sales France

Thibault Krommenhoek - Sales Benelux

Thibault Krommenhoek

Sales Benelux

Tebubio - Giulia Fienga - Sales Manager - Germany DAC

Giulia Fienga

Sales Germany

Tebubio - Massimo Di Donato - Sales Manager Italy

Massimo Di Donato

Sales Italy

Paula Perez- Sales Manager Iberia.png

Paula Perez

Sales Iberia

Tebubio - Sandrine Sellam - Sales Manager UK and Eire

Sandrine Sellam

Sales UK & Eire

Tebubio - Flavien Carpentier - Laboratory Manager

Flavien Carpentier

Lab Manager

Tebubio - Erica Cirri - Project Manager

Erica Cirri

Senior Project Manager

Tebubio - Eric Mennesson - Project Manager

Eric Mennesson

Senior Project Manager

Tebubio - Célia Bosso-Lefèvre - Project Manager

Célia Bosso-Lefèvre

Project Manager

Xavier Warnet

Xavier Warnet

Project Manager

Marie Morin - Project Manager

Marie Morin

Project Manager

Advancing your research together

Every day, you’ll benefit from our distinctive solutions, from simplified ordering with personalized e-catalogues right up to facilitating and streamlining your fully customized or long-term projects.

Beyond meeting your scientific needs with the best reagents and laboratory services, we’ll seamlessly handle customs and shipping procedures for you, in full respect of legal and ethical standards.


You can quickly and easily extend your resources with our ready-to-go or customized laboratory services, performed at our own laboratories near Paris (France).


Enjoy local access to global solutions, always within easy reach wherever you are Europe. 


9 local offices throughout Europe

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Press & Media


Download Tebubio's media kit here, with company information and images for press use.


For any enquiries, please reach out to our Marketing Team, we'll be pleased to help.