Mitochondria is in the spotlight!​

PKmito™ - efficient probes for gentle mitochondria imaging

For the first time, access these wonderful probes, specific to mitochondria, and move your research in imagery forward. PKmito™ probes have been developed and published by the lab of Zhixing Chen from Peking University1,2.

  • Very low phototoxicity
  • Good STED performance
  • No genetic manipulation, transfection or overexpression of fluorescent proteins needed
And many more advantages we invite you to discover…

Your benefits with PKmito probes

PKmito™ probes feature a unique technology: they consist of cyanine derivatives bearing intramolecular cyclooctatetraene (COT) substituents. The presence of intramolecular COT substituents very efficiently reduces the production of singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen is a very reactive species produced by fluorophores and it is responsible of rapid cellular damage leading to cell death.

PKmito™ probes therefore enable very gentle imaging of mitochondria in live cells and tissues and preserve them from singlet oxygen damage and phototoxicity.

  • Very low phototoxicity – Allows you to record timelapse STED movies (ca 20 frames) without damaging or changing the mitochondria morphology.

  • Super-resolution microscope compatibile
    Can be used for widefield, confocal or STED imaging in living cells and tissue.

  • Very specific –  PKmito ORANGE is the ideal STED probe for mitochondria, staining the inner membrane and therefore revealing mitochondrial cristae (sub diffraction structures impossible to see with conventional microscopes). 
  • Multicolor imaging – Compatible with the popular SIR & SPY probes.

Multicolor imaging for multiple analysis

Do you want to perform advanced analysis? PKmito probes enables multicolor imaging with other Spirochrome’s probes: SiR & SPY probes. Thanks to PKmitoTMs amazing capabilities, you’ve got an outstanding tool to study mitochondria!