VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution

Got 15 minutes?

That’s all you’ll need to recover your organoids or cells from ECM

VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution is a non-enzymatic cell harvesting solution for quick and efficient organoid/cell recovery from VitroGel or animal-based ECM.

Superior to other top leading cell recovery solutions on the market, it will enable you to harvest organoid/cells more quickly and efficiently – use it at room temperature and significantly save time with fast 2-minute ECM dissociation.

You’ll maintain high cell viability during the recovery process with a high yield rate of intact organoids/cells for passaging, cryopreservation, or biochemical analysis.

Organoids formed mixing spheroids or cels with Vitrogel Organoid

From Animal-based ECM or Xeno-free VitroGel? It works with both.

VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution for ECM and hydrogel

Fast ECM dissociation in 2 minutes

This video protocol shows how easily, quickly, and efficiently organoids are recovered from animal-based ECM

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