Monitoring actin dynamism is now possible!

Visualising actin dynamics has always been a real challenge. For this reason, Spirochrome have developed unique probes based on the much used SPY probes technology, enabling you to label very fast actin dynamics.

These probes present many advantages:

  • They do not require any genetic manipulation, transfection or overexpression of  fluorescent proteins.
  • They are based on bright, photostable fluorophore, far superior than fluorescent proteins.
  • They’re available under far red (Abs/EM: 696/718 nm) fluorophore (SPY700-FastAct™) or orange (Abs/EM: 555/580 nm) fluorophore (SPY555-FastAct™) or far red (Abs/EM: 652/674 nm) fluorophore (SPY650-FastAct™).

Media Credits: Movie by Maxime Cammeraat, from Margadant lab, Amsterdam, NL
2 populations of primary human endothelial cells were separately labeled with SPY595-DNA or SPY505-DNA.
After the DNA labeling, the 2 populations were trypsinized, mixed together, stained with with SPY700-FastAct and imaged.

The best choice for monitoring Actin Dynamics

Your benefits with SPY650, SPY555, & SPY700-FastAct

Fast dynamic
Label very fast Actin Dynamics
Super resolution microscopy
Super-resolution Microscope Compatible
Very low cytotoxicity
Non Toxic
Very specific
Very specific
  • Label very fast actin dynamics: unique probe to label very fast actin dynamics.

  • Super-resolution Microscopes Compatibility: it can be used for widefield, confocal, SIM or STED imaging in living or fixed cells and tissue.

  • Very Specific: its optimized structure allows to label F-actin in live cells with high specificity.

  • Non Toxic: its non-toxic nature allows unbiased in vivo analysis.

  • Multicolor imaging: compatible with other SPY probes.

Multicolor imaging for multiple analysis

Do you want to perform advanced analysis? FastAct™ probes enables multicolor imaging with other SPY probes : SPY505, SPY555, SPY595, SPY700 or GFP and m-cherry. Thanks to SPY605- SPY555- & SPY650-FastAct’s amazing capabilities, studying all the cytoskeleton’s features has never been so easy!