mRNA Production Services

Access a personalized mini-scale production service, adaptable to your protein of interest and your application

Your challenges

Challenges- Grey

Design & optimize a
functional mRNA sequence

mRNA strand- Grey

Synthesize and find the
sequence with best yield & quality

Timeline- Grey

Quickly and cost-effectively
find promising variants


Mini-scale production – µg amounts

As little as 5 days production time


Sequence optimisation based on
your application


Optional testing

Tape station/cellular testing


Production of up to several hundred
sequences per week


Compatible DNA template for GMP production

Our laboratory is in Europe
Easily reach out to your project manager to discuss your requirements


In alignment with your final application, we can optimise your sequence to increase transcription efficiency, reduce the risk of truncated forms of mRNA and the immunogenicity of mRNA. You can select the following optimization options :


  • Uncapped, ARCA , CAP1


  • U Depletion
  • Codon optimization (Reduce GC and Hairpin numbers)
  • UTP modified (UTP N1-methyl pseudo U, 5-methoxy U, Fluo – heavy isotopes, etc.)

Poly-A tail

  • Guaranteed size

Production & QCs

Sequence synthesis and cloning

  • You can clone into our proprietary, optimized vectors for high yield of mRNAs, or you can use your own template.
  • Tebubio’s own lab has developed an optimised template for efficient in vitro mRNA synthesis and subsequent protein expression in mammalian cells. Our template is compatible for scale-up project and GMP production.
  • Production of the mRNA variants are from low μg-level, and we can screen up to 200 sequences per week.
  • The constant size of the Poly-A tail guarantees batch-to-batch production reproducibility and reduces variability between different variants.
Tebubio mRNA production service results in comparison to TriLink and a Competitor

Optional testing

Additionally, take advantage of a range of candidate screening services, including:

  • Transfection studies
  • Protein expressions studies (Microscopy or ELISA detection)
  • Fluorescent mRNA detection (fluorescent microscopy…)
  • Innate vs. adaptive response studies
  • Inflammatory response studies
  • Cytotoxicity studies

Application note

Production of eGFP mRNA labeled with fluorophore to to assess its encapsulation efficiency in LNPs


We produced eGFP mRNA labeled with fluorophore, enabling our customers to assess its encapsulation efficiency in LNPs and monitor its delivery efficiency in mammalian cells.

Scale up & GMP

Your project manager is present at all stages to support your project, even when you’re aiming for larger scale up to GMP.

Benefit from our long-term partnership with the mRNA market leader TriLink Biotechnologies – we can facilitate your access to scale-up and GMP levels and will accompany you throughout your GMP project.

As the leading manufacturer of mRNA, TriLink Biotechnologies has unparalleled experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) production facilities (meets ICH Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Section 19, APIs for use in clinical trials, certified ISO 9001:2015).

Tebubio Partner - Trilink

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