Human Primary Pancreatic Islets
Human Islets for Research (HIR)®

Human Islets for Research (HIR)® are primary human islets processed from organ donor pancreases that have been approved for research but not for clinical transplantation.

HIR® are obtained in a proprietary process of pancreas digestion and islet purification, which results in uniformly high quality HIR® available to diabetes research investigators.


Using Prodo Labs’ protocols and kits, the human pancreases are delivered under controlled temperature conditions directly from the recovering hospital to Prodo Labs with the appropriate informed donor consent documents. Each cadaver organ donor must meet the defined criteria, including absence of specific diseases, risks, blood test and drug screen results.


Prior to release for shipment to researchers, the islets are held on tissue culture for 2-3 days to ensure they are of high, uniform quality and do not show damage from donation and processing. This is validated by routine Quality Control (QC) to ensure viability and function of the islets.

  • Primary HIR® are processed specifically for research studies and not for clinical applications

  • HIR® QC testing is available for Glucose Stimulated Insulin Release, Islet Image Analysis etc.

  • Controlled release criteria assure minimal lot-to-lot variation of HIR® for ongoing research

  • Shipping under controlled temperature & Prodo Labs unique PIM(T)® transport media

  • Animal Islets are also available (Cynomologus monkey, porcine & rodent) upon request

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Ordering your primary Human Islets for Research (HIR®)

When a new lot becomes available, you can order different sizes of HIR®.

Your local tebu-bio office will be pleased to help you with your order, and to provide pricing for the quantity of HIR® you wish to purchase.

Specially formulated media to optimise HIR® use

We strongly advise Prodo Labs specially formulated media to ensure optimal use of your HIR®.

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Human Islets for Research - Which factors affect their quality?

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