GenScript SurePAGE™
Cost competitive precast mini gels

Do you think quality must always be expensive?

Enjoy high quality, through easy access with Tebubio to GenScript SurePAGE precast mini gels, the perfect combination of a top product at affordable pricing for your routine laboratory experiments.

  • High-performance, Bis-Tris, precast mini polyacrylamide gels
  • Designed to separate a wide range of protein sizes by electrophoresis
  • Run at neutral pH which decreases protein modification compared to Tris-glycine gels
  • Cast in a neutral pH buffer to decrease polyacrylamide hydrolysis while increasing gel stability

Key features and benefits of SurePAGE precast gels

  • Large loading volume – Up to 80 µl per well
  • High resolution – More even, sharp bands 
  • Long shelf life – Up to 12 months if stored at 2-8° C
  • Short separation times – as short as 20min with MES running buffer
  • High reproducibility – Guaranteed consistent performance of each gel 
  • Cost effective – Significant price reduction vs. other competitors 

Using SurePAGE mini gels with your Gel Tank

SurePAGE mini gels are compatible with the following Gel Tanks:

  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® II & 3
    Reverse the gasket (as per instructions in the SurePAGE Manual)
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN®Tetra System
    Reverse the gasket (as per instructions in the SurePAGE Manual)
  • Thermo Fisher Invitrogen Novex XCell I, II, & Surelock®
    N.B. – Requires the GenScript L00671 Tank Adaptor – 2 pcs/unit
  • LONZA PAGEr® Minigel Chamber
  • Hoefer Mighty Small (SE 260/SE 250)s
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 280)

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