Bioconjugation Solutions
Detection and localization, biomolecule capture, therapeutic & diagnostic development tools, linkers for Bioconjugate molecules & Laboratory Services

Bioconjugation is an effective method to monitor, control and analyze biological functions.

The biological conjugate may contain one or multiple affinity molecules for targeted capture or detection of other biological molecules. It may also contain one or more detection molecules or enzymes, toxins, drugs or other components with special activities or uses.

This technology has demonstrated significant advantages in various applications: antibody-drug conjugates, elucidation of biomolecules’ mechanisms, the tracking of biomolecules in living systems, the improvement of pharmacokinetic properties, and the construction of new materials [S.David Tilley,15 May 2008]

Tebubio's Bioconjugation solutionsTebubio provides a series of kits for manufacturing conjugates with low non-specific binding, suitable for developing detection and localization tools as well as therapeutic/diagnostic molecules.

Bioconjugation - biomolecule captureBead-based capture of target analytes from solution is employed from many different research applications. The beads are labeled to enable capture of a complementary binding partner, this can be extracted from magnetic separation or centrifugation. tebu-bio provides a broad selection of magnetic or agarose beads for consistent, high-capacity target binding.

Bioconjugation - antibody linkerPROTACs (PROteolysis TArgeting Chimera) and Antibody–Drug Conjugate (ADC) appear as very promising technologies in recent cancer or diseases therapeutic molecule development. tebu-bio provides a broad range of linkers for ADC and PROTAC, which allow  conjugation between antibodies and small molecule drugs.

Need to extend beyond what the kit formats provide ? We provide separate linkers to accommodate the advanced bioconjugation needs.

Bioconjugation Laboratory Services

We provide service solutions to conjugate a variety of biomolecules and quantify the yield. There are numerous possibilities to conjugate your biomolecules, we’ll be pleased to study the best options for your project.

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