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Tebubio Protein Production Laboratory Services

Protein production

Advance your protein production projects with your designated project manager, who will define the best strategy to match your needs based on our complete toolbox, perform and follow through the entire service for you.

We'll get the right strategy for you by...

  • Designing the construction and cloning strategy
  • Defining the best production system (Bacterial or Mammalian cells system), culture conditions & purification method 
  • Selecting any extra QCs & additional protein characterisation assays
  • Proposing your own in-house production or performing it for you at our facilities

High quality protein production

  • From small (strategy validation) to medium scale production level
  • Production from our optimised plasmids, or directly from your own 
  • Multiple protein variant screening (isoforms, mutants…)
  • Compatible with downstream platform & characterisation studies:
    binding studies, protein-protein interaction, enzymology….

Your benefits

  • Personal interaction and support throughout your project
  • Fully customised strategy, defined to meet your requirements
  • Live updates on the project strategy, based on results and your needs

Discover some Protein production case studies 

Screening of optimal conditions in order to obtain a difficult to produce protein in HEK 293 cells


Obtaining high yields of pure and active difficult-to-produce recombinant proteins can be a real challenge and may require significant investment. The rapid screening of multiple production and purification conditions on a small scale is fundamental to identify the optimal strategy.

Our solution:

To select the best production conditions in HEK 293 EBNA cells, we first performed a small volume expression study to define optimal production time and ratio of DNA/transfection reagent. Moreover, we tested addition to the cell culture medium of various supplements (amino acids, inorganic salts, lipids…), aiming at boosting the expression level by varying medium composition. On identification of the best production conditions, several buffer compositions were screened at purification level to improve stability and solubility of the protein of interest. Different buffers, detergents, sugars, as well as α-helix stabilizers, and many more, were tested in a 96-well format for high-throughput.

Tebubio Case Studies - Alexandre and Betty of Tebubio

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