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        • Ref: B304
          Sizes: 10 mL

          Goat Serum blocking reagent or NGS can be used as a blocking agent to treat plastic surfaces, membrane or tissue after they have been sensitized with primary antibody or antigen. It provides an alternative to bovine serum albumin (BSA) and non-fat dry milk. It is effective in reducing nonspecific binding of proteins to reaction surfaces, thereby maximizing signal-to-noise ratio. This blocking agent is recommended for use in immunoassays where the primary antibody was produced in goat, as a source of non-specific serum protein or on tissue for immunohistochemical applications.

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        • Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is used for various biochemical applications including ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), high content screening assays, western blotting, FACS Buffer and immunohistochemistry. BSA as a blocking reagent is particularly useful with casein-sensitive antibodies, such as phospho-specific antibodies. Also used as a nutrient in cell and microbial culture. In restriction digests, BSA is used to stabilize some enzymes during digestion of DNA and to prevent adhesion of the enzyme to reaction tubes and other vessels. Bovine Serum Albumin can also be used to determine the quantity of other proteins, by comparing an unknown quantity of protein to known amounts of BSA.

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        • Mouse Plasma is used as a component of bioassays, immunoassays or enzyme assays. Mouse Plasma provides a broad spectrum of macromolecules, carrier proteins for lipoid substances and trace elements, attachment and spreading factors, low molecular weight nutrients, and hormones and growth factors that promote cell growth and health. Mouse Plasma is also available as a sterile preparation for use as a cell culture supplement.

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        • Sheep red blood cells are useful for the titration of complement, adsorption procedures, testing for agglutinins/HA assays, and for the preparation of stroma as particulate reagents.

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        • Ref: CL014A
          Sizes: 1ml

          Anti-Rat Thy 1.1 Lyophilized (Polyclonal) (rabbit serum)

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        • Anti-Rat Lymphocytes Lyophilized (Polyclonal) (rabbit serum)

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        • Ref: CL1100
          Sizes: 10ml

          Swine serum, with azide Liquid

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        • Ref: CL1100-100
          Sizes: 100ml

          Swine serum, sterile, Frozen

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