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    Results for Chemicals & Small Molecules ( 78185 )

      • Ref: 04404-84
        Sizes: 200µg

        Biochemicals Grade

        Product detail
      • Ref: 1006-5g
        Sizes: 5g

        Methylthiazolyldiphenyl-tetrazolium utilized for cell viability detection

        Product detail
      • Ref: 3030-100ml
        Sizes: 100ml

        Manufactured by GERBU.. extra mild formula for vaccination of sensitive animals. Extremely biocompatible and effective. For large, particularly sensitive animals such as horses and camels, potentially also for human pharmaceutical use. High API concentration for small injection volumes. Free from Saponins. Cationized particles of tocopherol and lecithin plus GMDP and other immunostimulators. Very stable and easy to handle: just mix with antigen solution. Strongly active, for research purposes. Effect comparable to FCA but less side effects. Becomes semisolid in refrigerator for long-term storage

        Product detail
      • Ref: AS-81441-5
        Sizes: 5 mg

        Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6) C2 maleimide is a good alternative to tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide with excitation/emission wavelength at 544/572 nm. Its spectral characteristics are very close to those of tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide (+2 nm). It is 40% less expensive compared to tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide, and can be used for thiol modification of proteins, antibodies and peptides.

        Product detail
      • Ref: B-0344
        Sizes: 5 mg, 25 mg
      • Ref: HYA-HILAD-20
        Sizes: 1 VIAL
      • Ref: S-0151
        Sizes: 100 mg, 10 mg
      • Ref: S-0153
        Sizes: 100 mg, 10 mg
      • Ref: 331-20017-2
        Sizes: 5mg