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Results for Histology & Microscopy ( 278 )

    • FocusClearâ„¢

      Ref: FC-101
      Sizes: 5 ml


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    • MitoPeDPP

      Ref: M466-10
      Sizes: 1set(5 μg x 3)

      Fluorescent Probe for Mitochondrial Research - Cell membrane permeable probe - Mitochondria targeted imaging is possible - Desirable fluorescent properties (ex. 452nm / em. 470 nm)

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    • Low-Tox-Guinea Pig Comp Lyophilized

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    • Cytotoxicity Media, liquid

      Ref: CL95100
      Sizes: 5x100ml

      Cytotoxicity Media, liquid

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    • Fresh Rat Macrophages, ~2 x 10^7 cells

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    • Lipi-Green

      Ref: LD02-10
      Sizes: 10 nmol

      Lipid droplets (LDs) are composed of neutral lipids such as triacylglycerol & cholesteryl ester that are surrounded by phospholipid monolayers and are seen ubiquitously, not only in adipocytes1). LDs were originally thought to serve as a lipid storage unit, until a recent study showing that LDs play an important role in regulating lipid metabolism, autophagy2) and cellular senescence3). Therefore, LDs have gained great attention as an important tool to elucidate the mechanisms of their formation, growth, fusion, and retraction. Lipid Droplet Research ~ Features ~ - High selectivity to lipid droplet (low background) - 4 color available (blue, green, red, and deep red) - High intracellular retentivity - Applicable to both live and fixed cells

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    • -Cellstain- AO solution

      Ref: A430-10
      Sizes: 1 ml

      AO is utilized for the detection of both double-stranded DNA and single-stranded DNA or RNA.

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    • BCECF-AM

      Ref: B262-10
      Sizes: 1 mg

      BCECF-AM is an acetoxymethyl ester of BCECF that enables easy loading of BCECF into cells. BCECF-AM accumulates in a cell only by incubation as do the other acetoxymethyl esters. BCECF-AM is very sensitive to moisture; it should be carefully handled.

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    • - Highly sensitive fluorescence detection - No washing required

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