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      • Ref: AS-81441-5
        Sizes: 5 mg

        Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6) C2 maleimide is a good alternative to tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide with excitation/emission wavelength at 544/572 nm. Its spectral characteristics are very close to those of tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide (+2 nm). It is 40% less expensive compared to tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide, and can be used for thiol modification of proteins, antibodies and peptides.

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      • Ref: SC001
        Sizes: 50 nmol

        SiR-actin is based on the F-actin binding natural product jasplakinolide. SiR-actin is fluorogenic, cell permeable and highly specific for F-actin. Sir-actin stains endogenous F-actin without the need for genetic manipulation or overexpression. Its emission in the far red minimizes phototoxicity and sample autofluorescence. SiR-actin is compatible with GFP and/or m-cherry fluorescent proteins. It can be imaged with standard Cy5 filtersets. SiR-actin can be used for widefield, confocal, SIM or STED imaging in living cells and tissue. Probe quantity allows 50 – 200 staining experiments.

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      • Ref: F374-10
        Sizes: 1 tube (24 µg x 1)

        -High sensitivity for intracellular Fe2+ detection -Suitable for live cell imaging -Applicable for plate reader assay

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      • Ref: L248-10
        Sizes: 50 μg × 5

        - Selective measurement of Lipid Peroxide - Less cellular photo-damage - Applicable for microscopy and FCM analysis

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      • Ref: M466-10
        Sizes: 1set(5 μg x 3)

        Fluorescent Probe for Mitochondrial Research - Cell membrane permeable probe - Mitochondria targeted imaging is possible - Desirable fluorescent properties (ex. 452nm / em. 470 nm)

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      • Ref: M489-10
        Sizes: 1set(50 μg x 2)

        -High sensitivity for Fe2+ detection in mitochondria -Suitable for live cell imaging

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