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Tebubio - Our history


Our history

Evolving in the challenging world of Life Sciences, every step of the way with you.

Ever since my parents began representing the Teerbedrijf Uithoorn (from which the name “Tebu” originated), our subsequently family-owned business has constantly grown and expanded to become an international company.

We strive to anticipate and respond to the developments in Life Science research, with the top quality service and products our customers expect from us.

– Donald van Dijk, CEO

Our history

Our new website is launched
Integrating many new functionalites to facilitate your "e-experience" with Tebubio: faster and powerful search engines to search by keywords, catalogue reference, CAS number..., product categorisation, online quotation creation...
New visual identity & new name Tebubio
We are proud to introduce our new visual brand identify, to reflect our mission as facilitators of Life Science research.
The hyphen in "tebu-bio" is dropped, and a new logo and colours are implemented.

mini-scale mRNA production services

Tebubio's mini-scale mRNA production services developed by our specialists, enables synthesis from small quantities, with the possibility of smooth up-scaling to GMP level.
SARS-Cov-2 Screening services
The new mRNA COVID vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNTech are launched, incorporating the technology of our partners TriLink Biotechnologies.

Our lab develops and performs SARS-Cov-2 inhibitor screening and drug repositioning services for COVID research.
The WHO officially names the new virus SARS-Cov-2, Since appearing at the end of 2019, it has become the cause of a global pandemic.

Our teams and our laboratory remained operational throughout the crisis, providing the latest reagents and services to researchers working on the virus.
tebu-bio Beehives
As part of our ISO14001 actions in favour of our environment, we have allocated part of our grounds at our headquarters at Le Perray en Yvelines (France), to become a wildflower garden, and local beekeepers have installed hives. Every year since, we have been happy to share the honey that is produced with our customers.
Human cell Import licence renewed
The French Government again renews for a further five years, tebu-bio's authorisation to import, export and store primary cells, valid for all our customers throughout Europe.
Our commitment to the environment
As the same time as our ISO 9001-2015 renewal, we obtain the ISO14001:2015 - Environmental management.All members of the Tebubio group across Europe are actively involved in reducing our environmental footprint.
tebu-bio Portugal
Our presence in Portugal is further strengthened with the opening of our new offices near Lisbon.
SilenciX stable silenced cell lines
Launch of our own stable silenced cell lines, SilenciX, in collaboration with the CEA. Our protein production platform is optimised, integrating new CHO protein expression technologies.
tebu-bio expands into Spain
Our activities are officially launched in Spain, covering Portugal as well.
tebu-bio Scandinavia & lab extension
A second extension is added to accommodate the laboratory, which is now also ISO certified. 750 square meters are dedicated to various activities of the laboratory. tebu-bio APS is opened in Denmark, covering all Nordic territories.
Tebubio historical Logo 2000
Tebu becomes tebu-bio
A new unified name is chosen for the group "tebu-bio", and our laboratories are renamed to tebu-bio laboratories.
Tebubio historical Logo 2000
Our first ISO accreditation
We successfully obtain our ISO 9001-2000 accreditation for the whole group.
Tebubio's Laboratories are launched
Our activities are expanded with the opening of our own laboratories. We perform our first outsourcing services for our customers.
Tebu opens an office in the UK and Italy
Tebu now has local offices
in Italy and in the UK
Tebu opens an office in the UK and Italy
Tebu opens in Germany - 1995
Tebu opens our third local office
in Germany
Tebu opens in Germany - 1995
Tebu opens offices in Belgium and The Netherlands
Launch of our first local subsidiaries, SanverTECH in the Netherlands and Belgium
Tebu opens offices in Belgium and The Netherlands
Tebu logo - 1985
A new logo with the "drop" is designed, reflecting an Erlenmeyer flask
Tebu logo - 1985
We move to our current location at
Le Perray en Yvelines, near Paris
Tebu is acquired by the van Dijk family
Tebu in Versailles - 1974
Tebu moves to new premises in Versailles, with a change of logo
Tebu in Versailles - 1974
C.Ch. van Dijk is appointed General Manager of TEBU France in Paris
The story begins...
TEBU is established as a subsidiary of the Dutch company TeerBedrijf Uithoorn, taking its name from the first letters of each word.