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Tebubio Molecular Biology Laboratory Services


Molecular Biology

Access a broad range of molecular biology related solutions, from the most routine to the most specific and customizable options.

Mini scale mRNA production

With the progress and advances in mRNA therapeutics, how can you easily access mRNA production to start your project ?


Tebubio provides mini scale production services which can start from as low as µg-level, and are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Get your mRNA from as quickly as 5 days!

Our other solutions for you

  • Plasmid preps and QCs
  • Cloning and sub-cloning - mutagenesis
  • Transcriptomics

Your benefits

  • Access technical expertise & save time

  • Speed up mRNA sequence development and screening
  • Accelerate your project transition from from R&D to larger manufacturing & GMP
  • Smoothly transition to TriLink services and larger manufacturing solutions
  • We accompany you with solutions at all steps of your project, from R&D to Clinical Trials

What's the next Molecular Biology project we can do together?

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