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Tebubio Laboratory Services


Let’s accelerate your projects with our Contract Research Services

Our Contract Research Services Lab is based in Europe (near Paris, France), making it simple for you to promptly initiate projects with us as soon as the need arises. We perform a broad range of services, which can easily be combined to facilitate handling of your project, with one provider. Whether you’re looking for ready-to-go or fully customized services, our expertise in multiple areas ensures our teams can define the best strategy with you, for your project.


Protein Profiling

Protein quantification

Biostatistics solutions

Cell culture

2D culture: plating,
amplification, differentiation...

3D models & Co-culture:
spheroids, organoids...

Physiological conditions:
hypoxia, shear stress...


MoA identification & validation

In-vitro toxicology screening

Target selectivity & efficiency

Molecular Biology

Mini-scale mRNA production

Plasmids preps & QCs


Protein production

Project design & strategy definition

Small to Medium production scale

Multiple variant screening

Meet your team of scientists

You’ll enjoy easy dialogue and regular exchanges with your designated project manager, with confidentiality always guaranteed. Their own background and experience in research enable them to genuinely comprehend your needs.

We are always happy to invite our customers to visit our laboratories - our reputation is built on the mutual trust we nurture with them.

Tebubio - Erica Cirri - Project Manager

Erica Cirri, PhD

Project Manager


Tebubio - Eric Mennesson - Project Manager

Eric Mennesson, PhD

Project Manager


Célia Bosso-Lefèvre - Project Manager - Tebubio

Célia Bosso-Lefèvre, PhD

Project Manager


Tebubio - Flavien Carpentier - Laboratory Manager

Flavien Carpentier

Laboratory Manager



Tebubio - Erica Cirri - Project Manager

Erica Cirri


I obtained my PhD at the University of Konstanz, followed by post-doctorate studies at the Pasteur Institute. I have focused my career on the investigation of proteins because of their importance as pharmaceutical targets. Throughout my experiences in France, Germany, Israel, and Italy, I have developed expertise to produce soluble and membrane proteins, and characterize their interactions with small molecules, peptides and lipids, as well as protein-protein interactions.


Tebubio - Eric Mennesson - Project Manager

Eric Mennesson


I obtained my PhD at the University of Orléans (France), at the CBM-CNRS (Centre of Molecular Biophysics). I then continued my professional training in a non-academic environment, gaining experience at Pierre Fabre Laboratories in cell biology, cellular models, genetic therapies... Since joining Tebubio, the subsequent experience I have gained through the many biomarker, bioassay and cell biology projects I have managed, enables me to maximise success rates for our customers, notably by minimising the risk of overseeing important factors.


Célia Bosso-Lefèvre - Project Manager - Tebubio

Célia Bosso-Lefèvre


After obtaining my PhD in Human Genetics in 2020 at the National University of Singapore, I joined the Collège de France for a 2-year postdoc in Neuroscience. My work particularly focused on finding new genes responsible for genetic diseases in human and modeling them in cell culture (commercial cell lines, patients’ derived cell lines, iPSCs, brain organoids) and animal models (zebrafish & mouse). My experience is beneficial at Tebubio when working on customer's projects with them as well as on R&D, mainly centered around mRNA and cell culture.


Tebubio - Flavien Carpentier - Laboratory Manager

Flavien Carpentier

Lab Manager

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at the University Paris Sud, I joined Tebubio as a Lab Technician in 2008, gaining experience working on many different types of projects in Molecular Biology, Protein purification, Bioassays...
Since taking on my current role as Lab Manager in 2017, the combination of my technical and organisational skills is an asset when working with our customers on their projects.

An example of the services our experts provide - custom mRNA production


Scientific solutions, but not only

When we build your project with you, we cover all that it requires - beyond the scientific aspects. We can arrange secure shipping of your samples from your lab to ours, or we can source the required reagents and samples for you.


Your Account Manager and your Project Manager will accompany you at all times to build the solution that meets your needs, and communicate with you throughout your project.

Laboratory Services with Tebubio

What’s the next project we can start together?

Discover some case studies

Browse some examples of the projects we have built with our customers and performed for them.

See the advantages our solutions brought to advance their research.

Evaluating the impact of key cell-culture parameter modulation on the predictivity for the identification of specific inhibitors and biomarkers on cancer models 


Our customer needed to investigate whether modulating key culture parameters could improve the predictivity of their colorectal cancer cell-based methodology used to select CDK8 inhibitors and/or identify biomarkers.

Our solution

We performed comparative analysis for them, which involved developing two HT-29 colorectal cancer models: as monolayers in a conventional incubator and as 3D spheroids under physioxia, in the presence/absence of gamma-interferon.

On each model, a viability assay was performed after 3 days incubation time with inhibitors, followed by large-scale proteome profiling analysis on 2000 targets from each cell lysates.

Tebubio Case Studies - Flavien of Tebubio

BiomarkerCell Culture, Bioassays, Microfluidics

Development of cost effective and robust 3D Colorectal Cancer models for physiological drug response analysis


Our customer needed to obtain in-vivo like responses to drug treatment, through monitoring parameters such as gene expression, biomarker analysis, cellular viability, invasion capability.

Our solution:

We established and implemented a physiologically relevant 3D Colorectal cancer cell-based assay. To answer questions related to variations at transcription and protein level, our methodology required long-term imaging at controlled temperature and gas levels (CO2 and O2), on both 3D cellular models and patient-derived samples. Impact of an anti-cancerous drug was investigated on colon cell lines (HT-29, HCT116 and LS174T) in conventional 2D monolayer and 3D spheroid cultures, in hypoxia or normoxia. Methods used were metastatic invasion assay, gene expression analysis by RT-PCR on hypoxic response and oncopathway genes, and large-scale protein profiling to detect proteomic levels of metalloproteinases and surface proteins known to be involved in colorectal cancer invasion.

Tebubio Case Studies - Working in our lab

Screening of optimal conditions in order to obtain a difficult to produce protein in HEK 293 cells


Obtaining high yields of pure and active difficult-to-produce recombinant proteins can be a real challenge and may require significant investment. The rapid screening of multiple production and purification conditions on a small scale is fundamental to identify the optimal strategy.

Our solution:

To select the best production conditions in HEK 293 EBNA cells, we first performed a small volume expression study to define optimal production time and ratio of DNA/transfection reagent. Moreover, we tested addition to the cell culture medium of various supplements (amino acids, inorganic salts, lipids…), aiming at boosting the expression level by varying medium composition. On identification of the best production conditions, several buffer compositions were screened at purification level to improve stability and solubility of the protein of interest. Different buffers, detergents, sugars, as well as α-helix stabilizers, and many more, were tested in a 96-well format for high-throughput.

Tebubio Case Studies - Alexandre and Betty of Tebubio

Production of eGFP mRNA labeled with fluorophore to assess its encapsulation efficiency in LNPs


We produced eGFP mRNA labeled with fluorophore, enabling our customers to assess its encapsulation efficiency in LNPs and monitor its delivery efficiency in mammalian cells.

Our solution:

Tebubio lab has developed a plasmid template for the mRNA production, optimized for efficient transcription and translation in mammalian cells. By using Andy Fluor-UTP (refs. C410, C412, C414, C416, C418), it is possible to obtain fluorescent mRNA detectable at green, orange and red wavelengths. As a proof of concept, we have produced eGFP mRNA modified with Andy Fluor 647-X-UTP, transfected it in HEK293 cells and detected the mRNA delivery in the cells as well as the eGFP expression by fluorescent microscopy.

Tebubio Case Studies - Erica and Betty of Tebubio

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