Which approach for measuring circulating cell-free miRNAs?

miRNA - circulating

More than 2,500 human miRNAs are potentially significant biomarkers. Moreover, the use of blood circulating miRNAs as disease-specific biomarkers is one of the most valuable outputs for translational and clinical research. Nevertheless, such an analysis still requires the selection of robust technologies, huge R&D work and reproducibility studies.

During the latest AACR Meeting (April 2015, Philadelphia – USA), Nadia Normand, R&D manager at tebu-bio’s laboratories (Le Perray en Yvelines, France), presented a poster comparing various platforms for measuring circulating miRNAs. It was the opportunity to further demonstrate the robustness of  the miRNA 3D-Gene® microarray-based platform (Toray Industries).

To know more about the comparison, follow this link to access to the poster:

Mennesson E. et al. “Comparison of different highly sensitive miRNA array platforms for the investigation of circulating cell-free microRNAs in blood” (2015) – Poster AACR.



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