Subcellular fractions for ADME studies: broad custom capacities with strong expertise

Over the years, Sekisui XenoTech has built up a strong expertise in preparing subcellular fractions for ADME applications.

There is a list of the fractions readily available for prompt delivery across Europe. However, the researcher’s specific needs in terms of species model, characterization or tissue for a particular metabolism study may not be met by the already available catalogue products. For this reason, the existing list is continuously expanding over the years in response to new demands.

Much experience has been gained by Sekisui Xenotech through interesting requests for custom tissue preparations from researchers. Here, I’d like to share some comments from the scientists at Xenotech involved in these preparations, to give you some insight in their customization capacities.

Subcellular Fraction Preparation Method
Isolation of Subcelluar Fractions for use in ADME studies – Sekisui Xenotech and tebu-bio

“Isolating kidney membrane fraction and urothelial cells was an interesting and new challenge,” says Stephanie Helmstetter, Senior Manager of Production and Quality Control at Sekisui XenoTech. “Preparing skin S9 has also been a challenge due to the nature of the tissue, but we recently developed a new method that has streamlined the process.”

“We’ve successfully prepared a wide range of tissue, cells and subcellular fractions from a wide variety of species, and recently from insects,” comments Zell Woodworth, Products Division Director for Sekisui XenoTech. “When we see a lot of interest in a particular organ or cell type, then we standardize the methods and add the product to our catalog.”

Recent examples of this include skin S9, human lysosomes and rat tritosomes.

All of Sekisui XenoTech’s custom product preparations are managed by a dedicated Senior Production Scientist to ensure the highest quality for each custom request.  They use custom-designed preparation methods and offer more than 40 characterization assays validated by LC-MS/MS.

A non-exhaustive list of what these experts can do in terms of species, tissues and fractions type is shown below:

Non-exhaustive list of Sekisui Xenotech's offer in terms of species, tissues and fractions type for custom productions - tebu-bio
Non-exhaustive list of Sekisui Xenotech’s offer in terms of species, tissues and fraction types for custom productions – tebu-bio
Non-exhaustive list of Sekisui Xenotech's offer in terms of species, tissues and fractions type for custom productions - tebu-bio

This experience in unique cell preparation allows Sekisui Xenotech to get the most out of each and every tissue. As a result, there is often a surplus inventory of products remaining from these custom cell preparations, extending the stock of fractions readily available.

These items are not necessarily listed on tebu-bio’s website, but we hold an up-to-date list of this surplus. If you’re interested in obtaining items on this list, get in touch with me through the form below, we’ll make the best suggestions to help you speed up your project!


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