RayBiotech award tebu-bio as Best in Europe

tebu-bio: European RaybioTech's Certified Laboratory service provider
RayBiotech 2017 Outstanding Distributor Award - tebu-bio Best in Europe.
RayBiotech 2017 Outstanding Distributor Award – tebu-bio Best in Europe.

At the recent meeting of all RayBiotech distributors, Isabelle Nobiron PhD (Product Specialist, tebu-bio), was proud to receive the 2017 Outstanding Distributor Award – Best in Europe.

During this meeting, which took place in Guangzhou (China), RayBiotech (Norcross, USA) also appointed tebu-bio as one of the 3 centers in the world to perform contract research for their high density arrays. Up to 1000 human proteins, 200 mouse and 67 rat biomarkers can be tested on semi-quantitative or quantitative proteomics microarray platforms.

tebu-bio has been a longstanding, recognised RayBiotech Certified Services provider, performing outsourced immunoassays at their European Headquarters situated near Paris (full range of services tebu-bio services here).

RayBiotech, Inc. develop cutting edge proteomics tools for the advancement of basic and clinical research, and the facilitation of drug and biomarker discovery.  Their product-line covers 2,000+ rigorously tested ELISA tests (covered by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee), Multiplex ELISA Arrays (Quantibody®), Membrane- or glass-slide Antibody Arrays (C-Series, G-Series, L-Series, E-Series), Functional assays, Research antibodies and Recombinant proteins.

tebu-bio provides their broad range of products to researchers across Europe. For more details, contact your local tebu-bio office.



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