Primary cell sourcing: Cryopreserved Human Adult Sebocytes

tebu-bio primary cell sourcing Human Primary Sebocytes Zenbio

Sebocytes are emerging cellular models to study skin biology but also to design new compounds to regulate acne, seborrhoea and other sebaceous gland-related diseases. Easy access to cryopreserved and well-qualified sources of Human Adult Sebocytes will boost skin research and compound testing projects.

tebu-bio provides normal Human Primary Sebocytes (HPS)  isolated by ZenBio for research use and under IRB approval.

Fully characterized Human Adult Sebocytes

tebu-bio primary cell sourcing Human Primary Sebocytes Zenbio
Keratin-7+, MUC-1+ Sebocytes. Source: ZenBio

Human Primary Sebocytes (HPS) are isolated from micro-dissected sebaceous glands from the facial skin of healthy and fully consented adult donors. These donors undergo elective surgery.

Each and every lot of cells is quality tested for purity and undergoes biochemical tests (Keratin-7 and MUC-1 immunostaining and lipid accumulation). The sebocytes are provided at 95+% purity and tested for morphology and viability (epithelial morphology with small cytoplasmic lipid droplets).

Cryopreserved Human Primary Sebocytes

One frozen vial contains 500,000 viable Human adult Sebocytes (cat. nr SEB-F ).  They are shipped at passage 3 after establishing the primary culture. HPS are guaranteed for up to one passage (passage 4). HPS should be passaged for subculture when they are no more than 70-80% confluent. The average doubling time is 48-72 hours.

Donor information is available in the certificate of analysis provided with each lot of cells, and includes data such as age, gender, BMI, current medication list…

Sebocyte Growth Medium for optimal Sebocyte growth

Human cryopreserved Sebocytes Morphology
Zenbio’s Human Sebocytes morphology (non confluent (left) vs. sub-confluent (right).

Sebocyte Growth Medium (cat. nr SEB-1) has been developed in parallel to optimize HPS proliferation. SEB-1 medium also maintains HPS in an undifferentiated state.

  • Serum Free Base Medium (MCDB153),
  • Human Epidermal growth factor (rEGF),
  • Bovine Pituitary Extract (BPE),
  • Antibiotics and anti-fungal agents.

Want to know more?

Looking for a robust Sebocyte-based assay? Need to screen compounds on Sebocyte lipid synthesis and accumulation?

tebu-bio has composed a broad and comprehensive panel of cryopreserved cells, media or cell-based services to support researchers involved in cosmetology studies or compound screening.

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