Multiplex profiling in one single blot: 15 species models to choose from

In a previous post, I introduced the C-series multiplex profiling technology from Raybiotech, a smart way to multiplex your western blot while saving time and sample volume, and decreasing the cost of your experiment.

Indeed, one blot for multiple targets processed at once is a nice way to boost your protein profiling studies!

I just wanted to highlight in this post, that on top of the standard species models like human, mouse and rat, these C-series are also available for many other models. With 15 different species to select from, RayBiotech is leading the way for immunoassay kit species diversity.

The C-Series Arrays utilize the sandwich immunoassay principle, wherein a panel of capture antibodies is printed on a nitrocellulose membrane solid support (usually 2.5 cm x 3 cm). The array membranes are processed similarly to a Western blot (chemiluminescent readout), hence can be processed in any lab.

You will find below the most recently released references. I have included the links towards the 3 sizes available for each (for 2, 4 and 8 samples), together with the dedicated software that will help you analyse your results. A simple tool that will make you save quite a lot of time!

Equine (Horse) Cytokine Array C1: AAE-CYT-1
Dolphin Cytokine Array C1: AAD-CYT-1
Gallus (Chicken) Cytokine Array C1: AAG-CYT-1
Ovine (Sheep) Cytokine Array C1: AAO-CYT-1
Porcine Cytokine Array C1: AAP-CYT-1
Porcine Inflammation Array C1: AAP-INF-1
Porcine Chemokine Array C1: AAP-CHE-1
Porcine T Cell Response Array C1: AAP-TCR-1
Porcine Interleukin Array C1: AAP-IL-1


As there are many more to choose from, an easy way to find the right array for your research is to screen through our dedicated Antibody Array search engine.  It will give you access to both C-series on membrane support and also to the G-Series on glass slide for fluorescence detection. The latter is also available as service in tebu-bio laboratories, based near Paris.


Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in outsourcing your proteomics studies, I’ll be happy to help. I can also help to identify the right immunoassay for your species and targets of interest, from multiplex tools to ELISAs.


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