Accelerate your mRNA research studies

The application of mRNA in therapeutics, diagnostics and analytical methods has significantly increased in recent years.

However, the production of this biological molecule is complex and the process can raise a number of challenges.

Have you ever found yourself in one of the following situations: struggling to design and optimise a functional mRNA sequence? Wondering how to synthesise and how to find the sequence with the highest quality and yield? Difficulty to find the promising variants and minimise the cost?

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Design and optimise a functional mRNA sequence

Synthesis sequence with highest yield & quality

Quickly find the promising variants with less costs

We offer a personalised mini-scale mRNA production service, depending on your protein of interest and the final application

  • Microscale  production – µg amounts

Production of the mRNA variants is from low µg-level.
We can produce 200 sequences in parallel.

  • As little as 5 days production time
From the fifth day onwards, you can receive your mRNA using your template and sequence.
  • Sequence optimisation based on your application

In alignment with your application, we can optimise your sequence to increase transcription efficiency.
We can help you reduce the risk of truncated forms of mRNA and the immunogenicity of mRNA.

  • Quality testing
Tape station, cellular testing and others.
Tebubio mRNA Tape station control
Tebubio mRNA Tape station analysis

Fig 1. Quality control of mRNA by Tape station TapeStation 4150 (Agilent)

Application Note

Our Contract Research Services (CRS) team developed eGFP mRNA labeled with a fluorophore to monitor its delivery and expression efficiency in cells.

Fig 2. Protein expressions studies (Microscopy)

Thinking of scale-up your project ?

Tebubio CRS has developed an optimised template for efficient in vitro mRNA synthesis and subsequent protein expression in mammalian cells. Our template is compatible for scale-up project and GMP production.

Our team supports your project with optimal strategies and technical solutions

Project manager at Tebubio

Erica Cirri, PhD

10 years of experiences in Molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry.

Project Manager at Tebubio

I’m in charge of the mRNA and recombinant proteins production platforms. I have developed expertise to produce soluble and membrane proteins, and characterize their interactions with small molecules, peptides and lipids, as well as protein-protein interactions.

“Your needs will be genuinely comprehended thanks to our expertise and experience in mRNA production. You’ll enjoy easy dialogue and regular exchanges with us, with confidentiality always guaranteed.”

Project manager at Tebubio

Célia Bosso-Lefèvre, PhD

5 years of experience in Neurosciences and Genetic.

Project Manager at Tebubio

I am committed to supporting clients’ research projects, primarily focused on mRNA and cell culture. I joined the Collège de France for a 2-year postdoc in Neuroscience. My work particularly focused on finding new genes responsible for genetic diseases in human and modeling them in cell culture.

Our Other molecular biology solutions

You can also access a broad range of molecular biology related solutions through us, from the most routine to the most specific and customizable options.
  • Plasmid preparations and QCs
  • Cloning ans sub-cloning -mutagenesis  

Your benefits

  • Access technical expertise & save time
  • Accelerate your project transition from R&D to larger manufacturing & GMP
  • Smoothly transition to TriLink services and larger manufacturing solutions
  • We accompany you with solutions at all steps of your project, from R&D to Clinical Trials