Exciting new Spirochrome probes for mitochondria, plasma membrane, tubuline, peroxisome

Any researcher who has already worked with Spirochrome’s probes, surely appreciates them for their quality and reliability. This highly popular range of probes for live cell imaging is frequently expanding, and this spring we see some exciting additions. The first new probes to be released in April were the new SPY700-Tubulin and PKmito ORANGE FX, recently followed by PKmem555, PKmem590 and PKmem650, and finally the all-new and unique PeroxiSPY555 and PeroxiSPY650 probes. Let’s take a closer look!




PKmito ORANGE FX – boost your mitochondrial nanoscopy

PKmito ORANGE FX is highly suitable for STED and SIM super-resolution imaging. Boost your mitochondrial nanoscopy with exceptional resolution and a vivid signal. PKmito ORANGE FX was developed by the team led by Zhixing Chen at Peking university and published in PNAS: An aldehyde-crosslinking mitochondrial probe for STED imaging in fixed cells.


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PKmem555 and PKmem650 – high specificity plasma membrane probes

PKmem 555 and PKmem 650 are bright, non-phototoxic & non-toxic plasma membrane probes based on the PKmem™ dyes developed by the lab of Zhixing Chen at Peking University1.

These two new probes label the plasma membrane in live cells with very high specificity. Their unique and unmatched feature is their extremely low phototoxicity, due to the presence of the intramolecular triplet quencher cyclooctatetraene (COT) group.



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Unique – Peroxi SPY555 and Peroxi SPY650 – specifically label peroxisome in live cell imaging

Currently, labeling peroxisomes in live cells can only be performed by expressing fluorescent proteins tagged with the sequence “SKL”, the signaling sequence for peroxisome import.

PeroxiSPY555 and PeroxiSPY650 are the first small molecule probes to specifically label peroxisome for live cell imaging, which avoid many of the obstacles of the current method, thus bringing you a simple, fast and reliable method to stain peroxisomes on many sample types, including cultured cells, tissue or whole organisms.

Peroxi SPY650 - Fish embryo


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SPY700-Tubulin – Label microtubules in living cells

SPY700-Tubulin is a bright, far-red & non-toxic live cell microtubule stain based on the SPY™ dyes series. Its optimized structure enables you to quickly label microtubules in live cells with high specificity and very low background. SPY700-tubulin stains microtubules in live cells without the need for genetic manipulation or overexpression of fluorescent proteins. Its absorbance and emission spectra are similar to Cy5. SPY700-tubulin enables multicolour imaging, and can be used for widefield, confocal, SIM or STED imaging in living cells and tissue.


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So, are you keen to get started with these new probes? Whatever your needs, at Tebubio, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of tools for your live cell imaging. Our experts are always happy to help – reach out to our Scientific Support Team with your questions!


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