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You know that situation? You’re searching for a specific protein or a member of a protein class or family – and when googling you find a lot of hits, but no convenient way to find a commercial source for it.

Well, help is at hand!

protein search engine generalThe protein experts at tebu-bio have put together an expanding offer which already includes tens of thousands of proteins from different sources: native and recombinant, from different species, full- and partial length, tagged and non-tagged, tested for biological activities or simply to be used as Western Blot controls. The good thing about it, is that it’s all centralised in one web based catalog.

To make it easier for you to find your protein of interest, there is a dedicated protein search engine, especially useful for refining a selection, or fine-tuning search criteria.

Search for active proteinsThere is also an option to only search for “active” proteins and/or search for all proteins in the portfolio belonging to a specific class/family of proteins.

And of course there are many more parameters you can use for your searches.Search for class of proteins

So next time you’re looking for a protein of interest, give it a try. There’s also the option to get in touch directly online to ask your questions if you can’t find what you’re looking (or if you’re looking for something special).

One way or another, you’re sure to get all your proteins!



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