D-dimer and Cardiovascular Disease

Fibrinogen is the main protein of the blood coagulation system. It consists of two identical subunits that contain three polypeptide chains: alpha, beta and gamma. The process of blood coagulation results in the activation of fibrinogen into fibrin by thrombin and fibrin polymerization. Fibrin clot is then digested by plasmin, and fibrin degradation products of different molecular weights are released into the bloodstream.

D-dimer is one of these fibrinogen degradation products, and is a biomarker for Cardiovascular damage. Therefore, it is widely used in many detection systems in the market, including ELISAs and lateral flow tests.

Clone 8D3, which has been used in many of these detection systems, is nolonger available. So unless you have the hybridoma in your facility, if you were using 8D3, you will have to consider switching to another monoclonal.

tebu-bio supports many laboratories in Europe in finding their ideal clone to substitute 8D3, or other antibodies that are discontinued. They offer extensive validation programs, as they understand that each application is different, and not all antibodies, even if fully validated, respond equally to the different technical demands of each methodology.Multipette and 96-well plate

As an example or these validation programs, they can facilitate your testing of different clones at the same time, and provide you with reimbursing schemes, on a case-by-case basis, for the price of these initial validation steps once you choose the antibody fitting best with your application.

Also offered are batch / clone reservation services (where possible) so that you can validate the best antibody within a reasonable period of time, without worrying that it will be gone by the time you finish your validation experiments.

If you were using anti-D-dimer clone 8D3 or have experienced the discontinuation of a key antibody for your applications, do not hesitate to leave your questions or get in touch below!


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