Cost-efficient pre-optimized transfection reagents

The main challenge when choosing a transfection reagent is that we don’t know how it will work with our own cell type of interest. It is also time consuming to find the optimal conditions. Well, here’s the solution:  pre-optimised transfection reagents.

eGFP expression revealing transfection efficiency
Pre-optimised transfection of pEGFP-N3 plasmid expressing eGFP under CMV promoter

They already cover more than 39 cell types including MEF, Caco-2, MCF-7, HepG2, Primary Macrophages, Huh-7 and many others.

Sharing our feedback on performances

Using a vector expressing the eGFP (pEGFP-N3) under CMV promotor, we assessed the transfection efficiency. Take a look at the example of results below. They will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect.

Specific feedback of Genjet transfection
Transfection efficiencies with pre-optimised Genjet reagents

Can we compare the pre-optimised Genjet?

Ok, now you can see we got good feedback. Still, will it be a better solution?

The answer is yes. The comparison with Lipofectamines, Fugene HD and Amaxa reveals that pre-optimised Genjet reagents allow high number of positive cells (dark green below).GenJet-HepG2-Huh7 comparison

You can see on right of each picture just above, that performances are even better with 10% serum, that would be much appreciated by the cells.

Furthermore, this quality is associated to low price. Check it for yourself!


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