6 good reasons (in short!) to use our blood derived cells!

HemaCare and tebu-bio distribution agreement blood cellstebu-bio signed recently a distribution agreement with HemaCare Corp. Built on a 36-year history in apheresis collection, HemaCare is a leader in cell and tissue collection and processing, providing high-quality biological material derived from normal and mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood that meets the unique needs of researchers, to ensure the quality research outcome they expect.

By signing this agreement with HemaCare, tebu-bio again broadens your sourcing possibilities. I am proud to say that, more than ever, our commitment to source the cell type that fits your needs is true. Really, I might hear you say? Yes, really! Let me explain why our offer is different from others.

Why tebu-bio/HemaCare vs. others cells?

  • blood cellsWe offer a variety of primary human cells and blood components collected from Institutional Review Board (IRB) consented normal donors and patients derived from the following tissues: Peripheral blood, mobilized peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow. Most commercially available products are derived from peripheral blood only.
  • Our extensive registry of well-characterized repeat donors, and controlled procedures ensure a readily-available inventory of high-quality, consistent primary human cells and biological products for advanced biomedical research. Each lot is extensively QCed so that you’ll be fully satisfied.
  • Your Research, Your Way! We understand that each clinical trial and research project has di­fferent requirements. Accordingly, we can provide a variety of customized products and services tailored to fit your needs. Our diverse donor pool enables us to provide the match you need to successfully complete your study (healthy or disease-state donors, HLA specific, blood type specific, gender/age specific, specific lifestyle characteristics, repeat or unique donors etc).
  • Healthy cells and blood components are collected in HemaCare’s owned and operated FDA-registered collection centers. Diseased products are collected through their cooperative working relationships with various clinics and hospitals around the USA. All primary human cells and blood components are processed, isolated, and cultured in HemaCare’s laboratory using  state-of-the art equipment, with the same SOPs.
  • Ethical standards! All products are collected from donors and patients who are qualified for participation per FDA regulations, cGMP/cGTP principles, protocol requirements, and in accordance with IRB-approved informed consents. All donations involve complete anonymity for the donor. In addition, HemaCare utilizes randomly generated numbers to track products and there are no identifiers that can be traced back to the donor.
  • Last but not least! tebu-bio’s well-established logistics ressources make it possible to ensure secure delivery of not only cryopreserved samples, but also freshly isolated. Literally from donors to researchers!

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If you still need some more (good!) reasons to take a look at our catalogue, I can add that we able to offer  Neutrophils, whole bone marrow, leukopaks, platelets, from normal or diseased donors etc. Can you currently source these samples, in a convenient and straightforward process? Now you know it’s possible!

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