10 Mitochondrial marker antibodies

There is a high demand for selective fluorescent probes for the imaging of particular organelles and biomarkers in living cells. This is particularly the case for mitochondrial research. In this post, we will focus on another type of powerful research tools (ie. primary antibodies) that have been proven to be very useful for studying mitochondria. The 10 antibodies highlighted here have been successfully used by our clients for immunoblotting of mitochondrial proteins and are all covered by tebu-bio’s Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why mitochondria?

Because this atypic organelle is not only “the powerhouse of the cell” but also because the center of numerous physiological processes (apoptosis, aging, cell signalling…). Mitochondria are involved in numerous diseases from metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases…

Selecting antibodies specific for mitochondrial markers and 100% validated for their recommended applications is important for publication-grade results. To help you to choose among the most robust antibodies for mitochondrial research, here is a selection of 10 popular targets seen at tebu-bio:

  • Anti Mitochondria: Mouse monoclonal (clone 113-1) antibody – (cat. nr 909-301-D79) specific for human mitochondria in all cell types for ELISA  (1:10,000~ 1:40,000), IF Microscopy (1:100~1:1,000), Western Blot (1:200~1:2,000) and IHC (1:800)
  • HSP60 antibody polyclonal antibody for WB (1:500~1:1000), IHC (1:50~1:200) and IF (1:50~1:200)
  • OXA1L antibody: OXA1L polyclonal antibody, validated for WB &nd IHF
  • GRP75 antibody : Mouse monoclonal antibody (clone S19-2) ideal for WB analysis (recommended dilution: 1:1000)
  • Cytochrome c antibody: Cytochrome c (H19) polyclonal antibody for WB (1:500~1:1000) and  IHC (1:50~1:200) analysis
  • VDAC2 antibody: Mouse monoclonal (clone 3D2) antibody raised against a full-length recombinant VDAC2 used for ELISA, IF and WB
  • Hexokinase 1 (HXK 1) antibody: Anti HXK I Rabbit monoclonal antibody shown to be used for WB (1:1,000~1:2,000), IHC/ICC/IF (1:50~1:200) and FCM (1:50~1:100)
  • TOMM20 antibody: Mouse monoclonal antibody (clone 4F3) raised against a full length recombinant TOMM20 and 100% validated for ELISA, IF, IHC, ELISA, and WB
  • COX4I2 antibody: Mouse monoclonal (clone 1F2) for ELISA, IHC, IP / WB and ELISA (H00084701-M01)
  • Prohibitin antibody : Rabbit Anti-Human Prohibitin recommended for IF, IHC-P (5 µg/ml), IP (10 – 20 µg/ml), WB (0.5 – 4 µg/ml)

See how these antibodies work!


Looking for validated antibodies specific for organelles? 

tebu-bio offers a large selection of high quality organelle markers and guarantees them for their recommended applications. This includes the vast collection of Abnova, Rockland Immunochemicals, Assay biotech (ideal for phosphorylation studies!), RayBiotech and Bioworld Technology antibodies to name a few specialized antibody sources.

Leave a message here if you want to contact tebu-bio’s antibody experts to find the most appropriate best-in class reasearch antibodies, protocol, positive controls… best suited to your needs.


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