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    Results for Activators & Inhibitors ( 89509 )

      • Ref: 04404-84
        Sizes: 200µg
        From: €747.00

        Biochemicals Grade

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      • Ref: 1006-5g
        Sizes: 5g
        From: €170.00

        Methylthiazolyldiphenyl-tetrazolium utilized for cell viability detection

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      • Ref: 3030-100ml
        Sizes: 100ml
        From: €626.00

        F Manufactured by GERBU. extra mild formula for vaccination of sensitive animals

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      • Ref: B-0344
        Sizes: 5 mg, 25 mg
        From: €152.00

        SH2-Domain containing inositol 5-phosphatases (SHIP1 & SHIP2) dephosphorylate the 5-position of PI(3 4 5)P3 generating PI(3 4)P2. SHIP2 is ubiquitously expressed while SHIP1 is found in hematolymphoid cells and mesancymal stem cells. K118 is a water soluble SHIP1 inhibitor which does not inhibit SHIP2. Treatment with K118 (10 mg/kg) on obese mice on a high fat diet resulted in reduced body mass and lowered fat content when compared to pre-treatment and non-treated control animals. The treated mice had reduced blood glucose and insulin levels in addition to improved glucose tolerance. K118 treatment also reduced the amount of age-related fat accumulation in mice.

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      • Ref: 331-20017-2
        From: €231.00

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      • Ref: 331-20133-1
        From: €120.00

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      • Ref: 331-21732-1
        From: €217.00

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      • Ref: 04-0010
        Sizes: 5 mg
        From: €171.00

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      • Ref: 04-0012-10
        Sizes: 10 mg
        From: €1,025.00

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