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    • Ref: 201005
      Sizes: 1 unit
      From: €450.00

      Tygon Tubing .02"ID X. 06"OD (100 ft)

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    • Ref: 204001
      Sizes: 100 pack
      From: €100.00

      24 Gauge Needle x 0.5in long (100 pack)

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    • Ref: MAPTK10
      Sizes: 10 units
      From: €77.00

      Cushioned primary envelope for Petaka transport

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      Sizes: 1 unit
      From: €336.00

      Roll of Tygon Tubing for manual assembly of Biochip-Connect single inlet and outlet cables. Supplied as a roll of 100ft.

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    • Ref: SL100668
      Sizes: 1 ML, 0.5 ML, 0.1 ML, 5 x 1.0 mL
      From: €25.00

      By utilizing our innovative and proprietary lipid conjugation technology, LipoD293™ (Ver. II) is specially designed and formulated by adding proprietary enhancers for transfecting HEK293 cells and other mammalian cells (Figure 1). As a 2nd generation liposome based DNA transfection reagent, LipoD293™ (Ver. II) offers extremely high transfection efficiencies for HEK293 related cells as well as many mammalian cells with less cytotoxicity. LipoD293™ reagent (Ver. II), upgraded from its previous version with refined chemistry, is 3~4 times more efficient in gene delivery. LipoD293™ reagent (Ver. II), 1.0 ml, is sufficient for ~666 transfections in 24 well plates or ~333 transfections in 6 well plates.

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      Sizes: Pack 10
      From: €43.00

      The inlet tubing is 10 cm long (14cm incl connections; stainless steel inlet tubing 1.6cm length). Pack of disposable pre-assembled single inlet cables to connect from syringe of ExiGo pump to the inlet of the biochip.

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      Sizes: Pack 100
      From: €35.00

      Luer-lock connectors with stainless steel pins for connection of syringe outlet to tubing. Supplied as pack of 100.

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    • Ref: MF8-CONNECT-BIC1
      Sizes: 1 unit
      From: €122.00

      This cable contains 8 assembled tubes to connect from the MultiFlow8 of the Mirus Evo Nanopump to the inlet of the biochip. No nozzles included; these are already on the MultiFlow8. This will only need to be replaced after wear and tear which is typically every 6 months depending on system usage and maintenance.

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      Sizes: 1 unit
      From: €180.00

      The cable is connected from the MultiFlow8 of the Mirus Evo Nanopump to the inlet of the biochip, using large bore tubing for thrombosis experiments. Larger tubes facilitate higher shear flow studies.

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