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Meeting - Alternatives to Animal Experimentation


A Transdisciplinary Conference on Alternative technologies and models (NAMs) to Reduce the use of laboratory animals in Industry


June 6–7, 2023


Poster presentation


Célia Bosso-Lefèvre (Project Manager - Tebubio) will be attending this meeting, and presenting a poster entitled:


"Organ-On-Chip - Physiologically relevant 3D modeling for pre-clinical screenings"


Human in vitro cellular models have been developed to answer biomarker discovery for numerous pathologies. Despite the extensive work done so far in cellular models, emulating all functions and responses of an organ remains a challenging task, as the experimental microenvironment impacts function and assay readout ability.


Tebubio has developed 3D in vitro systems that help to predict biomarker toxicity in physiological environments, biotransformation, drug-drug interaction, adverse drug effects, and long-term toxicity in preclinical stages. Our methodology is based on the Synvivo 3D Tissue and Organ-On-Chip models to recreate and study physiological events, such as the invasion of tumour cells into a vascular compartment in response to drug treatment, or the capacity of new drugs to pass through the blood brain barrier.


At Tebubio, we demonstrated that a combination of controllable assays in 3D cultures can successfully be used for compound screening in preclinical studies. We currently offer our clients fully customizable 3D models capable of reliably recapitulating physiological responses that are complementary to animal model assays.

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